We design the stories of tomorrow using the most advanced technology in the world, going from 3D real-time immersive environments for luxury and fashion brands to VR, MR and AR experiences for scientific research and culture.

Man using Motion Capture with fake green gun


We track human motion in real-time with one of the most efficient and accurate capture systems: OptiTrack.

Our technology ensures near-perfect motion calibration thanks to 18 IR cameras able to capture the grace of a dancer, the intensity of an actor, the explosiveness of an athlete. So that both motion and emotion can be replicated on an avatar or a digital clone and be placed within an immersive and interactive virtual environment. To create never-before-seen experiences inspired by life itself.

Man during a Motion Capture session


Virtual environments, augmented reality content and real time compositing are technologies that allow us to offer unconventional services to our B2B clients.

LSE 3D environment with 3D whale

That is why we created LSE, a platform designed to build tailored, creative and unique immersive experiences for brands that want to engage their customers in new spectacular ways. The platform integrates features such as 3D real-time environments built with Unreal Engine 5, simultaneous translation, instant polls, real-time participant interaction and much more. Whether it’s for a product launch, an event or a virtual shop, LSE will surprise you.

Woman in a 3D Scan cage


Our 3D scanning devices open us endless possibilities. They integrate laser, LIDAR and optical sensors that achieve the best results in capturing objects and human bodies. And thanks to our photogrammetric cages, size doesn't matter: from the smallest to the largest subjects, everything can be perfectly replicated in the virtual world.

We use facial and body scan technologies that enable incredibly detailed digital clones. This is made possible by 120 cameras and 40 meters of LED strips working in perfect synchrony. The subject is captured from every angle so that advanced algorithms can reconstruct a three-dimensional model with its volumes, geometries and textures.

Woman in a 3D Scan cage


It’s the latest frontier of scanning technology. Volumetric capture uses multiple cameras and sensors to create a volumetric video viewable from any angle with realistic depth, color and lighting, on any compatible platform, including mobile devices.

Volumetric video capture allows brands to step into interactive virtual worlds through live action. And it allows us to change the way stories are told.

Model during a Voluemetric Video Capture session


Imagine a set where virtual scenographies merge with physical objects and real actors seamlessly, in real time.

Girl in a virtual production set

Virtual production is a cinematographic production technique that combines physical and virtual elements to optimize time and cost of production and allowing for unrestricted creativity.

This technique is powered by the fusion of different technologies, such as:

  • high resolution led walls
  • motion capture
  • virtual environments built with Unreal Engine

A service provided by OneXtra, a company by Centounopercento and Hive Division.