Immersive Reality for management software driverless metro control.

Virtual Reality

In occasion of the UITP World Congress and Exhibition in Canada, Centounopecento realized for Ansaldo STS Group the first experiences in Virtual Reality dedicated to the operation of the most advanced management software driverless metro control.

The underground platform in the "Ansaldo Driverless System" VR experience
The Experience

The user is on a dock in front of the subway’s gates. Inside the metro there are different people. Someone asks permission to enter. When the user enters, a hostess invites him to sit down in a particular seat in front position row, next to the metro’s window. The metro starts to move towards the first tunnel. Once entered inside it, a high-tech screen presents to the user a series of technical information on the Hitachi Ansaldo STS advanced technologies.

Leap Motion

To ensure that the user is captured by the experience, it is suggested to physically reconstruct, within the event, the different parts of the train which the user comes in contact with.

Indeed, finding a correspondence between virtual and real objects exponentially increases the Presence’s perception.

View of the tracks from inside a subway car in the "Ansaldo Driverless System" VR experience